Monday, 4 October 2010


Thank you all soooooooo
much for all my birthday wishes!

Now I know it sounds a little sad
but you were all great company,
as I had no boys this weekend,
they were at their Dad's.

Looky at this...

I saw these last month and
knew I couldn't afford one,
never mind a pair!

So I asked the birthday fairy to bring
me them...

....and she did!
Lucky lucky me.

Without wanting to sound OLD, hee hee,
they're from 'Clarks'
and I LOVE them!
I always thought Clarks was for...
my Mum!
How wrong I was eh?

This fairy also brought me
some flowers

and this

and also this...

Gee I love that fairy!!!!

She makes birthdays all the better.

...and so are my lovely bloggy friends.
thank you so much,
it meant such a lot to me.

Feel the love guys!!!

Love Claire. xxx


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Claire, what gorgeous boots! So happy you had a lovely day and it was filled with fairy wishes :) Tamara

Vintage from the Village said...

Fab boots !

vintage mum said...

Now no skipping around the kitchen in those posh boots whilst whipping up a delectable dessert, oh go on then
cate x

bellaboo said...

Glad your birthday wishes were granted Claire.Was thinking of you and wondering how your day went.
Have put that Nigella book on my Xmas wish list! Missed her on TV last the time wrong! :o(

bekimarie said...

Ooooh get you with yer kinky boots lol, seriously hun, they're rather smart!
I have Nigellas book on my bedside table, yes I take Nigella to bed every night ;)
Did you watch her on tv last week, I do love her but come on, late night cooking in your satin dressing gown.......... I think not 'hehe'

B xxx

winnibriggs said...

Love those boots...Um but I am rather 'Clarks' age now. But seriously they do make some fab footwear lately, so even you young ones shouldn't feel bad wearing them. Glad you had a great birthday, you certainly had some lovely gifts.

Taz said...

Wow I needs me one of them fairys!
Lucky girl ;) xx

Josie-Mary said...

Happy Birthday.... lovely gifts :) x

delia hornbook said...

what a gorg fairy you had ;-) Lovely boots and lovely presents. Dee x

Emma said...

Is that where the "PaRsties" came from...x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Love the boots! Belated Happy Birthday wishes! Looks like you received lots of goodies!

Florence and Mary said...

You got some lovely goodies.

What's Jamies book like? I can't wait for the prog to start next week,

Victoria xx

Shachar said...

DIVA!! Happy Belated...those boots are gooooooorgeous!!!
Nigella's cookbook looks good..I may have to check that out..
Glad you had such a super day.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab gifts, I love clarkes shoes, they are so fab and comfy!

Claire Gale said...

hi claire, lovely to meet you. wow i love those boots.......i miss clarks so much. when i lived in the uk i lived near the clarks factory and as kids we were dragged on our annual pilgrimage to the factory shop for our embarrasing unstylish but very practical school shoes......but they're so cool now, or maybe i've just got alot older:) happy birthday girl!