Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Daisy update; SHE'S STILL WITH US!!! 
Still such a poorly girl though.  She has her nest full of cosy fresh straw and she is right by the 'pop hole' so she watches all that is going on in the garden.  I gave her some pain relief drops that belong to Toby (fat cat) and she has been able to get up and have a drink and a waddle around.  She also had some leftover pizza too, so she is staying where she is for now.  I had arranged for someone to come and 'help her' along to heaven but he couldn't come at the last minute, I'm so glad, Daisy seems to still have a bit of a twinkle left in her and decided that she shall go the natural way.  Watch her outlive everyone now eh?! Maybe it was all of your kind and lovely comments on my last post that did it, all I do know is how very upset I was when I left her in bed that night.  Thanks girls. xxx

Anyhow, back to business and less teary!



Do you like her?

She was FREE!!!
I'm presuming that everyone knows what freecycle is,
how rude of me,
it's a website where you will be able to find a local group, and
folk give away for free things they no longer want.
It saves on landfill and gives people the chance to recycle perfectly
functional gear such as...

...my bike!

Pop over ( FREECYCLE ) and sign up to your local group.
 Help to do your bit
for the environment.
Saves you a trip to the tip,
 or you can get something for nothing!
(I always make sure I take along a
little thank you card when I collect anything,
good manners are a must!)

Would you like to see what else I have
been lucky to get from there?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been given...

A HUGE wool stash!

It's for work,
I'm branching out in my after school
'Sewing Club'
and joining forces with
'Knitting Club'

All FREE!!!

My boys have been enjoying playing with it too!

 Did you check out the concentration?
It only works if you stick your tongue out, hee hee!

Next up is my new
Sewing Corner!

After being jealous of all of your crafty areas
I decided I neeeeeeded one.
So after buying the table for £5 at a car boot sale,
the lamp was FREE on FCycle!

Now with this next photo, you have to promise to ignore
my unmade bed and shadeless bedside lamp!!!

The green eiderdown underneath Toby fat-cat
was also a FREECYCLE goody!

Why I decided to take photos of my bed with no bedding on I don't know!
It's yet to be laundered so whilst I was stripping my bed,
I decided to try it on the end of the bed,
Toby approved!!

The ottoman was a £4 bargain in the Summer at a boot sale,
so were the shelves in the back ground,
the crocheted blanket was mine when I was a baby
and the shade on the lamp had broken.

I'll keep my eyes open for a new one on...
...yep you guessed it...

I hope you enjoyed that,
and once again thank you so much
for all being such lovely friends.
Daisy feels the love I'm sure,
and I feel better and will be able to
make sure she is comfortable during her last chapter.

Love Claire. xxx


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

lovely bargains - we got a lawn mower and some country living magazines from Freecycle - I would get a bike - cant ride one so maybe that's a New Years Resolution!

bekimarie said...

So, have you been out on her yet?
I really really want one now, she's a real beaut!
So glad Henny still with us, twas fate that your man couldn't come!

B xxx

p.s cutest Buzz I ever did see, well apart from mine of course ;o)

jackanne said...

oh i was just thinking of you when you popped up!!glad that your little hennie is still with you!
Your work corner is so tidy! make some mess please it puts my house to shame, son and i have been carving our homegrown pumpkins today and the kitchen was a tip! also i am loving your bike and dont forget to wear a hat! xx

Kathy said...

Isn't it good when something passes on to someone who will love it so much instead of it being thrown away?
My daughter rode a beautiful pink bike right through her teenage years, that had been rescued by a neighbour from the local tip.
So glad your little hen is getting around!
Love Kathy xxx

Josie-Mary said...

wow what great things.... I've checked Freecycle before & found nothing, maybe I need to look again! I would like a bike too but I'm not very good :( x

delia hornbook said...

So pleased to hear she is still with you. Lovely finds, i love the otterman and your bed. I am a great fan of free Cycle, i got my Old vintage robinson sewing machine off there and also my boys single beds. I am loving your bike to enjoy enjoy enjoy ;-)) O yes and im loving your sewing corner to i really think i need a special place too need to get thinking i do ;-)) Dee

bellaboo said...

I've heard of freecycle but havn't looked...but I will now! You have found some lovely bargains.
Good old Daisy...so pleased she is still with you. :o)

Poppy said...

WOW, so many fab things! I’ve never looked, I might have to now. I’m so pleased Daisy is doing ok!

It's raining, looks like a day at home……it's a hard life but someone’s got to do it.

Lou xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ooh I must put my freecycle goodies on my blog, fab isn't it. I love using it to clear out my stuff too :-) So glad your lovely chicken is still with you, we have a couple who are ill at the moment but still seem quite happy thank goodness.

Vintage from the Village said...

Hi Thanks for your help on the flippin photos. Yes I think I will have to click on them all at once and then 'try' to re-arrange them.
Freecycle is great, you have some great finds there- I have had a folder of knitting patterns, some ribbons and some bubblewarp. I always have a look at their emails. Someone's smelly lazy boyfriend was on there the other day !
Sue x

Florence and Mary said...

Whenever I sign up for freecycle all I seem to get are millions of emails for things I don't want - you're very lucky!!!

Victoria xx

bearsfootprints said...

Oh yes freecycle its a fab site ive got a couple of really nice things from there and like minded you can recieve alot of emails so prehaps set up another email address so it doesnt blog up your usual address. But wow what great finds!

Nana Go-Go said...

Glad Daisy`s on the mend.
I`ll give you a fiver for your bedroom lamp - always wanted one of those!I love Freecycle -it`s a great way to get rid of as well as obtain - my lucky find was my `new` sewing machine, it even does zig-zag which, for me, is state of the art but it`s not a patch on your new bike - lucky duck!I also love your granny square blanket - how lovely to have kept it all this time.