Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I have BIG BOOBIES!!!!

Hee hee!!!

Now I have your attention
I hope you can just take a moment to read on.

October here in the UK



Don't worry,
I am not asking you for money,
just for you to read on and
that whilst you're next in the bath,
or the shower,
to have a good old rummage around with
your boobies!!!

There are lots of links I could put here
to show you how to check for lumps
but to be honest,
our bodies are all different,
and what you feel today
may not be what you feel next week!
They're changing all the time,
so get used to those changes,
get rummaging around with them!

If one day you do notice something
completely different,
dash to your GP and have them
check it out,
a piece of mind is worth so much more than your life!

Get used to what you've got
is what they seem to recommend these days.
Any changes and get your GP
to check them out.

Don't forget to cover all under your armpits too,
and above the breast,
they're bigger than you think ha ha,
well, mine are just huge so I may be gone sometime!!!

When you're finished
get a big fat cupcake and scoff the lot!

Your boobies deserve it!

Of course there are lots of ways you can donate
to Breast cancer charities,
and even the smallest amount of spare change
can make all the difference.

Keep a look out for something in your area
for you to get involved in,
it's smashing fun and usually everyone is welcome!

So there we are...

...I hope you have continued reading this,
how about visiting a couple of websites
and help the cause,
or just to make yourself


If you possibly can,
how about following my lead and
you too do a


If we can save just one life by encouraging everyone to...

...then I'm a happy bunny!

Love Claire
(the one with the huge big boobies!)





bekimarie said...

Bet mine are bigger than yours ;)
Great post hun and I promise to do one later this week!

B xxx

MelMel said...

Wise too!

I'm sure they are making their way round Manchester, Greater Manchester and then out your way sugar........Melxx

A Treasured Past said...

Great post Claire, and yes, you did get our attention, for all the right reasons too. Have a good one, Tamara

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Mel Mel, I feel I need to add here that you're NOT talking about my huge boobies! Ha ha, and you're really telling me about wheelie bins and recycling...not sure everyone will believe me but it's TRUE! x

Thank you girls, don't forget to check yourselves...and please encourage everyone you know to also do the same. I have made it my mission to get all my facebook friends to change their photo and to have a feel! x

Kathy said...

May I add that you must never ever miss a mammogram. I was diagnosed with BC in May from a routine mammogram. The lump was so small I couldn't feel it, even when I knew it was there. Early detection has saved me!
Love Kathy xxx

Emma said...
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Scented Sweetpeas said...

I always have a rummage once in a while to check them out - a bit scary when you find a lump only to realise it was a gland when it goes away a couple of days later :-o Worth checking though :-)

Debbie said...

Thanks for this great post...
I must and will check my boobies... more often!
Its amazing how a couple of minutes, ever so often can save your life... although a lot of us... me including... take it for granted!