Friday, 8 October 2010

Grandma Lily's Party Piece.

It has was
National Poetry Day
this week.

My Grandma Lily
was such a lovely lady,
she stole my heart when I was a little girl,
so that's where she lives now,
within my heart.

Whilst I live in her little house!


...whenever we had a quiet moment,
or even a noisy one
like at Christmas time,
she would
'do her party trick'
and recite a lovely little poem.

I thought I'd share her
'little ditty'
with you...

A Little China Figure

A little china figure on a little bracket sat,

His little feet were always crossed, he wore a china hat.

And every morning fair or foul, in shine or shadow dim,

A pretty little housemaid came and softly dusted him.

She picked him up so gently, and with such a charming air,

His china heart was melted quite, he loved her to despair.

All day he sat and thought of her until the twilight came,

And in his china heart at night, he softly breathed her name.

One day while being dusted, in his joy he trembled so

To feel her dainty fingers, that alas - she let him go.

In vain she tried to grab him back, but fate willed that they should part,

He fell against a fender edge and broke his china heart

She gathered up the fragments and she told a little lie,

Explaining to her mistress how the cat had made him die.

And on the following morning, when the shutters back were thrust,

She spoke his little epitaph -
"Humph, that's one less thing to dust!"
Love Claire. x


A Treasured Past said...

Morning Claire, I love that little poem, thanks for reciting it too. Tamara x

mad about bags said...

what a great poem clare, thanks for sharing!!!

delia hornbook said...

aww thats so very sweet, happy memories of grandma Lily. Enjoy your day. Dee x

bekimarie said...

Awww that was lovely :)

B xxx

bellaboo said...

Such a sweet poem and a lovely memory of your dear grandma.
Hope you have some sunshine this weekend,the forecast is good here in West Sussex.

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Great poem, Claire.
Sadly, the only poems my Nanna recited were all rude ones, tee hee! (I obviously inherited her genes.)
My maid obviously reads your blog -I'm going to have to sack her now. She has used the excuse about the cat when she has broken MY ornaments whilst dusting. I wouldn't mind - but I haven't even got a cat! SueXXX

moschops said...

Lol! Fab poem! megan xx

Poppy said...

Lovely to meet you too! The poem was beautiful.

Lou x