Saturday, 6 February 2010

Catch up Claire!!!

How rubbish am I at blogging? Hee hee!

I must do better at this, I really must!

I mentioned in my last post, my only other post, that my life can be quite eventful, well this week has been true to form in that department. Where shall I start?
I would be best starting at the beginning, Monday, when after work and collecting my boys I went to donate blood. Now I am not the best person when it comes to needles, infact I am quite possibly the worst! I took the boys with me because I wanted to show them what it is all about, not to be afraid and to understand that sometimes people can do good things and help each other. Even if we do pass out and cause a massive disruption to the whole process! Yup, I had a funny turn, and made a total fool out of myself. Infact, not only did it happen once but TWICE! Such a drama queen eh?! Now I know this will sound far fetched but it took me until Wednesday to get over this, I felt so groggy and woozy. I had a routine check up yesterday and the nurse told me my blood pressure is always a bit low, so that is why it will have happened, so there! I am not such a drama queen after all!

Now, on to Thursday. I joined a slimming club a few weeks ago and my weigh in is on thursday mornings, I shall try and keep you updated with it from now on. I have been before, lots of times, had quite good results with it too in the past. But I am rubbish at sticking to it, but as it stands this time I lost 2 and a half pounds my first week, FOUR pounds my second week, 2 and a half the next and 3 and a half this week. So that amounts to 12 and a half pounds in total. I am pleased as punch and actually really enjoying it. I have been the 'Slimmer of the week' twice and was 'Slimmer of the month' for January!!! It is Slimming World that I go to and I love the diet. So watch this space!

Hey, look at that! Another post, I'm getting good at this! Maybe one day I will work out how to put photos up on here. Maybe learn to write more often. So next time I will tell you a bit more about myself. Oooooooh, I can't wait now. How can I have been so silly to leave it so long, such a wonderful way of talking about my favourite subject-ME!!!

See you soon BLOG

C. x


Florence and Mary said...

I see you're new to blogging, if you want any help or advice do let me know. I've helped a couple of friends start blogs and they said it was great to get a couple of tips in advance.

Hope you're having a good weekend

Victoria xx

Claire said...

Oh my goodness! Like, someone is reading this! LOL. Yes please! Advice is very welcome and very needed. I shall mail you. xxx