Friday, 19 February 2010

Confessions of a dieter...

Well my friends, I have no news to tell of my visit to my Slimming World class yesterday.  That being because i didn't go!  I do have a good enough excuse though,
I am here.


This is the view from my Boyfriends flat!

I am sat here right now, after he has gone off to work, drinking fresh coffee made by his 'Boy-Gadget' fancy coffee machine, eating my porridge and banana whilst watching the swans gliding along on the marina.
I could get used to this!!!

Hopefully we are going to 'Wells' tomorrow, one of my favourite places,

When we first got together we watched this film

which is filmed in and around Wells.
So being a little bit like sad movie buffs, he took me to this gorgeous place (the smallest city apparently) and we found the differant places used in the film. 
I remember going when I was a little girl, a memory I have quite clearly as in the footpath there is a marked out area of the world record breaking long jump that Mary Rand did in the 1964 olympics.  She was from Wells and to commemorate this event, they marked it into the footpath. 
I won't be the only kid that tried to match it and failed, but I have the memory of doing so all those years ago, and doing cartwheels on the lawns of the catheadral too. 
I doubt I shall be doing either tomorrow!

We hope to eat in our 'maybe not so secret' place Goodfellows,
and he has promised to squeeze a visit in to Niki's gorgeous shop,
which is in Shepton Mallet, just down the road.

You can have a peep at it Here

So, I had better get out and about today, in this lovely spring like day and go and investigate the beautiful town of Portishead. 
Not that I haven't already before, but minus BF I can rumage in charity shops and drink yet more coffee in the coffee shop without someone checking the time or football scores.  Bless him.

Love C. x


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Look forward to meeting you Claire!!
And hope you have lots of fun in Wells - its a lovely place...we always eat at 'The Piano' which seems to have been kept quite secret too!
Hope you can bring the sunshine with you.
'Happy Weekend'
Niki x

Florence and Mary said...

Sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned.

Victoria xx