Monday, 22 February 2010

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

Well here we are, Rubbish old Monday!
Back home.
Back to work.

Now I find this hard to believe but my boys over the holidays were actually quite good friends. 
I usually have a saying about them that from the minute they wake up, until the minute they go to bed, the main aim for each brother is to try and kill the other one!

I think, or hope, we may be reaching another stage in their development in that they have realised they are in fact, quite lucky to have one another. 
They are brilliant at sharing,
and usually if I give them a choice over something I can leave it to them how and what to decide upon,
so long as it's the same.

 I do believe little boys have a certain something that is special, and although,
I cannot deny, I would've loved a girl, I am truly blessed with my pair.

Now don't get me wrong, there have been some serious moments of  'Why me?' when it has come to parenting, especially my pair, (will explain another time about that!)
 and I'm ashamed to even think about some thoughts I have had regarding not wanting to do this anymore. 
But I guess those thoughts come with every job. 
Parenting is by far the hardest job I have had so far, and by what my Mother warns me with is
'It doesn't get any easier, no matter how old they are!' 
Surely she doesn't mean me, eh?!

Love C. x

P.S.  I have left my camera at work so alas, I cannot down load photos of my lovely day out to Niki's lovely shop.  But I soon will do, along with details of all my lovely finds in my charity shop expedition.

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