Friday, 26 February 2010

A little mouse with clogs on...

WARNING - Content could be disturbing if you are fond of disease ridden dirt dropping blighters.

Plural of MOUSE is MICE

Singular of DICE is DIE

Hmmmm not sure why a mouse isn't a MIE and why I can't get mine to DIE!!!

Sorry but I can't hear you if you are shocked by this,
it isn't funny when your shreddies keep being eaten by the critters!!!

Don't get me wrong here, I love sharing my life with animals,
goodness I have enough of them, but this problem isn't good!

But, if you are getting to know me by now, there is a funny twist in the tale (not TAIL!)
I put the traps down, with the recommended chunks of Kit-Kat on. 
My boys noses a little too close for my liking but the activity far too grusome for grubby little boys to miss out on.

And we waited...

And we waited...

The boys went off to bed.  I went off to bed,
and I am almost off to sleep when I think I shall just pop down and see if we have caught any. 
Not only had we NOT caught any but the damn Kit-Kat had been STOLEN!
The devils had taken the bait and the traps hadn't gone off!!!!
I tested them with a biro which shattered all over the place as it triggered the extremaly sensitive trap.
I could not believe it!!!
How is it that I have got clever mice?!

So I decided to have a quick chat with Toby Black Cat.

"Ahem, excuse me Toby" I said, with hands on hips!
 "erm... Toby, if you wouldn't mind just flicking an ear so can at least know that you're listening"
Toby swishes tail.
"Not sure if you know or not, but if you were to come into the other room and take a sniff,  you may realise we are rapidly becoming over run with mice!  Now, I am not one to upset you but I would like to just give you a nudge and remind you that it is actually your department to keep us mouse free!"
The lazy boy opens his eyes to a tiny slit.
So, without further ado, and calmly chanting my mantra
"I am the adult, I shall take charge, I shall do the right thing.  Hopefully!"
He is picked up.
My goodness this 5 kilo of pure panther will scare the blighters away I think to myself.
Now there I am, lay on the floor in my jim-jams, trying to shove this fat panther through the gap under the units containing said Shreddies.
He looks in the hole, gives a sniff, retreats and walks off!

I give up!
Go back up to bed and drift off to sleep.  To be woken an hour later, by a muffled mewing at the side of my bed.  I know that tone of voice I think to myself and I leap out of bed, switch on the light and there he is.  My hero!  My lovely sleek handsome boy with half a mouse hanging out of his mouth.  He promptly drops this and does a bit of jig with it for me, re-enacting the chase, complete with exagerated tales of how he almost died defeating the enemy.

I love my fat cat!

Toby 1 Mouse 0

Love C. x


Kissed by an Angel said...

That was so funny!! But not amusing if you have uninvited livestock indoors!!! Yuk - mice make my toenails curl!!! Normally they are partial to chocolate!! Try to make sure that the rest of your food is out of their reach and they will have a break!!!!!

Kelly said...

Oh I would be the same as you! Do not want those things in the house!
Once we went on holiday and there was a mouse problem! We spent the whole time on edge!

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - love your post today funny and the pictures look good - have a relaxing weekend - my boys fedup of mum being on the computer all the time! xx

Dawn said...

LOVE IT!!! You should write a book....completely visualised you standing hands on hip berating Toby!
I nearly shot coffee out my nose while reading it in laughter...

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Thank you for all these comments girls!
I really really love it!
Hey Dawn, its a shame we can't all have coffee together and have a good old giggle.
By the way...
Toby 2 Mouse 0!!!!!
Way to go Tobermorybalamory!!!!

Love C. x

RosieP said...

Ha, that's funny reading, but not funny when they are in the house, we once had one indoors
they seem to get in every cupboard going.

Hugs RosieP x

Amanda said...

We were only talking about mice today, we had them in the last house, nightmare. We ended up using poison but did manage to catch about 9 or 10 using wellies! No not hitting them over the head LOL but the mice used to run into them when scared out of where they were. Glad to see you've still get a sense of humour with them!