Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love is a many splendid thing!

Pink fizz and oysters for a very spoilt girlie!

I'm sorry but I feel I will be unable to stay very long today, I seem to be unable to stop my thoughts from straying back to all the laughing I shared last night with my best friend. The most bestest BF in the whole wide world! -Even if I am now rejected in favour for the rugby down the pub! A pub which happens to be 160 miles away! The trouble with being in love with my chap is I live here, and he lives there. Here being Cheshire and there being Somerset. He is actually from the town where I live, but now lives and works down there. In some ways it's perfect, that being everytime we are together we arrange to do things, something some of my friends don't seem to do very often with their boyfriends.

We don't take things too seriously either, like today for example. At least I have seen him this Valentine's Day, last year he was watching the rugby from inside Twickenham not just the pub (even though this 'pub' is 160 miles away-have I mentioned that already???!!!) I think he enjoyed his present, a pound shop bargain! A pair of fake boobies! Well, we like to be differant and we never stop laughing so I couldn't resist them when I saw them. I think he may be wearing them as I type (Down the pub! The pub previously mentioned, the one 160 miles away!!!)

Anyways, I shall get off now, carry on with my dreaming of last nights delightful meal and give the other men in my life some attention. The 6 and 8 year old ones.

I hope your weekend is lovely too, catch you soon my friends.

Love C. x

P.S. I dread to think of how many syns I've had already! Oh well, back on track today. Or maybe tomorrow. Hopefully!

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