Thursday, 11 February 2010

I'm the SOW!

Thursday is 'Fat Club' day!

After being a bit daft and eating every single SYN from my whole weeks allowance on Friday last week I knew it was going to be hard going until weigh in today. I just can't help it! The weekend comes and I just find a drink in my hand, a menu in the other and a few hours later, 80'odd syn in my big belly. This was my 6th weigh in and every week I have been 'on' this diet I have followed the same pattern, ending up quite hungry some nights when I am lay in bed. Now I am sure that would make the fat club 'teacher' worry but at least I see it as a problem, so I am going to make an effort to improve. But maybe not this week hee hee! Well this week it's going to be hard to not have 80'odd syns every day. Valentines day, gorgeous BF taking me out on Saturday. Shrove Tuesday, I have kids-expect the worst! Half-term, I have the week off plus the boys with me and hopefully going to stay at the BF's in Somerset at the end of the week-hmmm vino!!!

After all that I haven't told you my news! I somehow still managed to lose enough weight to be crowned Slimmer Of The Week AGAIN. I lost another 2 and a half pounds, which also got me my new shiny 1 stone award sticker. I love stickers. You can't do my job and not love stickers! Which, by the way, is a teaching assistant. I work in a primary school and often come home after covering myself with good work stickers! We even have ones which are smelly jelly bean ones. They're my favourite! OK I know, I am a bit mad. Hee hee!

So there we go. yet ANOTHER post!

Love C. x

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