Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Grand Day Out.

Last week I mentioned I was off out to visit Niki here.

Now I am not sure whether I was more excited at BF being willing to come with me, or what I was about to find at Niki's delightful shop, Nostalgia at No.1.  I wasn't disappointed with either.
It was a lovely spring like day for our journey through the lovely Somerset countryside that I am falling in love with, we laughed and joked along the way, but thats nothing new with us. 
One thing that always makes me smile with him whilst were out on our travels is his ability to park the car in the most unusual places! 

Todays 'spot' was a SUB STATION

Quite handy really!
He works for the electric board so we can usually get a good 'spot' in the centre of anywhere on his patch, even if a bit of an unattractive buzzing/humming totally non-girlie place.  For FREE!!!  All this whilst laughing away, cracking jokes, and him threatening me if I use the photo I took of him doing the gates.
Hee hee!


A short walk through Shepton mallet, up to the market place, and there I saw something familiar.
A little blue shop.
A gleaming window, filled with delightful goodies, thoughtfully pieced together.

Slowly opening the door, gave the lady a little smile, and never shut up for the next 40 minutes!
Poor Niki!  Gosh I can talk!  I had to look at every single item in this Aladdin's cave. 
I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!
  My head was filled with lots of ideas of how to display things.
Old photos, glass, fabrics, china and trinkets.
Determined not to leave empty handed the BF helped reach down a picture from the wall, I held it, stroked it, ans decided it would look fab in my bedroom.

Poor thing hasn't made it to my room yet.  I'm far too disorganised at the moment, besides, I love to hold it, stroke it, walk past it several times a day in my kitchen, so I can steal myself away to a beautiful day out, complete with super company, the meeting of new friends and enjoying gorgeous deepest Somerset.

Love C. x


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Claire, It really was lovely to meet you both - thanks for making the long trip to Shepton - and thanks for the purchase too! (Sorry that it wasn't quite the bargain of your other recent purchases...but as you know, I have a rather high water bill to pay this month! ;-))
I recognise your little wander past The Crown pub - that's where I park my car...you won't tell anyone, will you? It must be near that rather attractive sub station then...

Anyway, thanks so much for this sweet post! And I really enjoyed your visit - you are both lovely people!
Niki x

Ticking stripes said...

Oh joy - a Vernon Ward! I have started collecting these and have set up a group on Flickr for people to add pictures of their Vernons to. There aren't many yet and I hadnt seen this one before so thank you! (you may find some more if you are a car booter this summer! Is the name of it shown?