Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fun Fab Sewing Club!

I've told you what I do for my job before,
but incase you missed it
I'm a Teaching Assistant at a primary school in the town where I live.

Now I'm not sure anyone can love their job as much as me, don't get me wrong, staying in bed just that bit longer in the mornings and being able to take my own children to and from school myself everyday are things I would rather be doing than having to go to the workplace.  But seeing as most of us have no choice, I would rather do what I do than anything else.  Unless, quite possibly, be an ice cream man!

Any road, I am trying to get round to telling you about a club I run with the girls in my class.  Boys were invited, but they seem to have chosen the cookery club over my sewing club!  Best way I think, I see enough boys so being all girlie suits me just fine.

This week we started a new project.

Super Sweet Hearts!

Not too tricky, we've learnt all the necessary skills already with projects we've already tackled.
Such as a 'Handy Fab Tote Bag' and 'Needed Needle Cases'.

'Keep these forever'  I tell them!
'You'll remember making this when you're old, like me!'
'That adorable teacher we had for sewing......'  Often the joker with them, but hope it's all true.

Love C. X


Floss said...

I love the sound of a sewing club - what a great opportunity for the girls. The best needleperson in my first class was a boy, taught by his mum, so you could get one some day!

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - it was soo nice to get your comments, and having looked through your blog we do have a lot in common - loved the post about your boys - made me smile - I've tried to make you a contact but can't get the follow button to work at the moment - lovely to meet you - I'll be back - xx

Florence and Mary said...

What fun!!!

Have a great weekend

Victoria xxx

PS Don’t worry I watch Lark Rise too!