Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Getting to grips....

I am so happy with my little self to have been posting on my very own blog more than once a year!

There is so much to learn but I am finding that bit the most fun.  I have got myself a super Fairy Godmother to help with the task of teaching me the wonderful skill of blogging, and although I have a long long way to go, I think she is brill and not doing a too bad job.
(fabulous teaching, not fast learning I hasten to add!)

Her name is Victoria from Florence & Mary

I need to get myself organised with my camera, and get snapping whilst we're out and about so I can let you join in on all of our adventures as I have learnt, I think, how to add picture now, and hopefully the link to Victoria's beautiful blog has also worked.  I must also add here that the above picture is nothing like as beautiful as her fabulous blog, it is only a cute reference to her being my special Fairy Godmother.

Love C. x

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